Our Food Nourishes the Body


Pasture-raised food is healthier and more nutritious. Our animals eat a more natural diet foraging out in the fields. They also get quite a bit of exercise so compared to conventional options our beef is leaner and lower in fat, our pork is red meat and both are full of flavor. The fat that they do have has a higher Omega 3 content and the meat is richer in antioxidants and vitamins. We encourage and offer support for customers interested in nose-to-tail eating.  In focusing on what are typically considered the tastiest cuts, our culture has lost knowledge and the health benefits of consuming nutrient-dense food.



Gloucestershire Old Spot crossed pigs are a traditional slower-growing breed which, combined with a healthy diet and natural lifestyle, produce a succulent pork with a superb marbling and flavor. It’s popularity with chefs and foodies stems from the flesh having a rich marbling of fat which keeps it basted as it cooks.

Pastured pork can produce a red-ish meat due to the hemoglobin in the musculature produced as pigs run and frolic and generally exercise their muscles.  The more the pigs exercise, the redder, denser and more flavorful the meat gets.



Our beef is sweet and mild flavored, never gamey.  The fat content on our beef is good with moderate marbling in the steaks.  Calves born in warmer weather allow them a good head start while moms recover quickly on high-quality forages that support hungry nursing babies. The temperate climate and high rainfall on the Oregon coast mean our cattle have access to lush, green year-round pasture unlike grass-fed beef grown in drier climates.

We breed our herd to calve around May when the grass is most nutritious and growing fast. Meaning calves get a good head start being introduced to high-quality grass and mamas have all the nutrition they need to recover from calving and support hungry nursing babies. 

By careful management, working in tune with the seasons, and feeding our cattle all they can eat of the best grass, we produce an excellent product.

We partner with Animal Welfare Approved butchers who age beef the natural, old-fashioned way, by dry curing for a minimum of 14 days.