The Highest Standards in Animal Welfare and Land Stewardship


Lets Get to Know Each Other...

Nehalem River Ranch is a multi-species, pasture-based farm committed to the highest standards of animal welfare and land stewardship. We are located just east of the three villages of Manzanita, Nehalem and Wheeler, nestled along the Nehalem River in the foothills of Oregon’s Coastal Range where the historic town of Foss once stood. Our grass-fed/finished beef and pastured pork are raised with a deep respect for both the animals and the land. For those intentional eaters concerned about non-GMO food and animal welfare who want to support family farmers and build strong local food economies while eating nutritious and delicious foods, Nehalem River Ranch is here for you.




Animal Welfare and Land Management

Our cows and pigs live humane, stress-free lives grazing on our plentiful pastures. We are certified Animal Welfare Approved and our cows are certified Grassfed. We follow holistic management principles and plan our intensive rotational grazing to ensure a healthy environment for our animals and to maximize bio-diversity in the land we steward. It is important to us that we encourage our animal's natural behavior and provide them with a tranquil environment. We never brand, de-horn or use nose rings on our farm; we manage our pastures organically without herbicides or pesticides; and we only work with the handful of butchers who are audited and certified as Animal Welfare Approved. Our hope is that you and your family can enjoy our delicious and healthy food knowing that it comes from a farm that cares.



On our farm we raise Angus and Hereford crosses, a breed suited to our climate, has amazing flavor. “Grass-fed/finished” means our cattle eat the diet of the grasses and legumes (pasture and grass silage cut on-farm) that cattle evolved to consume.  All of our beef is aged for a minimum of 14 days which allows the natural enzymatic and biochemical processes to develop a unique flavor and improved tenderness. You can find our steaks, roasts and burger served at outstanding restaurants in Portland and along Oregon’s North Coast.



“We breed and raise heritage Gloucestershire Old Spot crosses that spend their lives foraging on high-legume pasture and are fed grass silage and non-GMO grains.” to “We breed and raise heritage Gloucestershire Old Spot crosses that spend their lives foraging on high-legume pasture and are supplemented with Oregon milled non-GMO grains with no corn or soy.” Last sentence change to: “The Old Spot is listed on the Slow Food Ark of Taste for its reputation of well-marbled meat, juicy pork flavor and excellent fat content.



The North Coast has a bounty of amazing products to fill your pantry. In addition to our own all natural beef jerky we retail products from friends including honey produced on our farm and pasture raised cheeses made from cows with A2 genes for easier digestion.





Restaurants, Retail, and Pick-up Locations

We are proud to have our meats featured by talented chefs at some of our favorite restaurants. Our products are also available for retail at the Ranch and at a variety of locations in our region. For pick up locations we partner with amazing non-profits who are improving our local food system and like-minded businesses who have an inclusive vision of supporting local farmers, ranchers and fishers. Each of our partners feature a wide range of local products so you can extend your support for a resilient community of food producers.